PhotoNoter is NokiSoft's first product on iOS. We really want to make a great photographic app for everyday use. Here's some tips to use it effectively:

1. Zoom when you want to write at different scale

The default zoom scale is designed to write on the photo frame. When you want to write some bigger strokes, you can zoom out - the size of the cursor & sketch pad will scale 4X larger.

You can also switch to fullscreen mode to draw directly on the photo.

2. 2-finger pan everywhere

  • Pan on the sketch pad will drag the underlying canvas around. The cursor will also move accordingly.
  • Pan on the mini pad will scroll the view port of mini pad.
  • Pan on the mini pad in fullscreen mode will reposition the cursor.

3. Erasing in fullscreen to clear strokes quickly

When erasing in sketch pad is too slow, you can switch to fullscreen mode and erase with a much bigger rubber.

4. Tap out minimap to scroll viewport

When the cursor is tapped to the edge of the mini pad view port, a mini map will show at the top right. You can drag the scroll car to scroll the mini pad precisly.

5. Add/remove photo frame

The photo frame is added by default. You can turn it off if it's in the way.

6. Turn on photo background for precisely drawing

If you want to draw some strokes reference to the content of the photo (e.g. the arrow pointing to the hot-air balloon above), it's easier with the sketch pad background turned on.

7. Combine different colors to make the strokes stand out