PhotoNoter makes it easy to write beautiful note on your photo. You can write directly on the photo with your finger just like sketching or drawing with a pen.

Write beautiful notes

PhotoNoter comes with a sketch pad which you can write big letters on. PhotoNoter will automatically shrink the big letter to a smaller one on the photo at the cursor position. The big stroke and the small one are both drawn in realtime - you can get instant visual feedback and adjust your finger direction and speed accordingly. That instant feedback is essential for great handwriting.

Write smoothly with auto advance

The sketch pad will auto advance when there's not enough space for a new letter. You just lift up your finger and start writing from the left - no extra tap or buttons needed. When writing to the end of a line, an enter key will slide in for tapping to the next line.

Write colorfully

PhotoNoter provides a color palette which has a wide range of colors to choose from.

Write anywhere

You can tap anywhere on the photo to position the cursor there and you can start writing right away. For big photos, you can drag the cursor to scroll around. You can also switch to fullscreen and draw some big strokes.

Share with friends

You can save the edited photo to photo album, Email, or share with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

More features to write conveniently

  • Multi level undo & redo
  • Add photo frame
  • Add date time
  • Show photo in the background of sketch pad
  • Fullscreen stroking
  • Retina display support