About Noki Gems & Me

Noki Gems is a side product of Noki. When developing v2.2 of Noki, I tried to add .NBU merging feature for text messages. The feature was requested by lots of Noki users for quite a while.

When the merging code was finished, I found it's hard to integrate into Noki's simple tree content explorer without hurting the usability. It turns out an Excel workbook style list and tabs are more suitable for the task. So that's the story of Noki Gems.

Writing a .NBU merger is a bit harder than a .NBU explorer, there're lots of bits we had skipped when writing an .NBU explorer (Noki). To merge .NBU files, both Nokia phone and PC Suite will reject if there's a single byte wrongly written. So if Noki Gems doesn't work for your phone, please kindly send me the backup file. I'll fix asap.

Of course, any suggestions or feature requests are welcomed.

I'm the programmer who writes and takes care of Noki & Noki Gems. I'm a "Professor" member of Nokia Forum for PC Suite related questions.

Before Noki, I'd been writing a Role-Playing game engine (Fio) for 3 years. I maintains a bit operation library (LuaBit) on luaforge.net. I'm a contributing author for the book Lua Programming Gems. And as you may have guessed, Noki and Noki Gems are mostly written in the Lua programming language.

You can contact me via email, in Noki forum or Noki Gems forum.