1. How to import .nbu file

Three ways:

1) iTunes file sharing

When iNoki starts without any .nbu files in its file sharing folder, it will prompt you to copy some .nbu files to its library via iTunes with detailed steps.

* IMPORTANT: Make sure to exit Nokia PC Suite before copying .nbu via iTunes - PC Suite might refuse iTunes to access the .nbu file in its backup folder.

2) Email attachment

You can also send yourself a mail with a .nbu file attached. You can then receive the mail via iOS native Mail app. In the Mail app, when you tap the downloaded .nbu file, a menu will pop up - “open with iNoki“.

3) Dropbox or other cloud disk

When you sync a .nbu from your dropbox account, there will be an action button prompting to open the file with iNoki.

2. There’s an error when I open my .nbu file, why?

It’s usually caused by an invalid section in the .nbu file. Given the so many different versions of Nokia firmware and PC suite, it’s hard to assure all data are backed up correctly. iNoki will try to recover from the error section and continue the parsing. But some error in the .nbu file is not that easy to skip.

When there’s a parsing error, iNoki will generate a bug report with detailed info about where the error happens and the stack trace of the error which is important to track down the error location. You can choose to Email me that error report for further check.

You can also check the error report to get some hint about which category of data cause the failure. Then you can turn off the according section in the “NBU Extraction Filter” to skip that section.

3. Should I clear the extracted files?

A little fact about what’s the extracted files for: each time iNoki opens a new .nbu file, it will save the structure of the .nbu file and the contacts, SMS, calendars etc when the parsing finished. When you open the .nbu file next time, iNoki will load from the extracted files - this is much faster than re-parsing the .nbu file again.

It’s normally not necessary to clear the extracted files unless you just want to inspect the parsing process again.

When you upgrade to new version of iNoki, it may be able to parsing some new sections. You can then clear the extracted files to trigger a re-parsing to show the new sections.

4. Why can’t we export Nokia SMS to the native SMS app?

Current version of iOS SDK doesn't allow to merge Nokia SMS into native SMS database.

iNoki v1.6 now can export all SMS as text file. It can also convert SMS conversation to pdf (view in iBooks or any pdf reader) or plain text.

5. How to get all the content of the .nbu file?

When you’d open the .nbu file on your iPhone/touch/iPad, the extracted files are located in a folder with the same name as the .nbu file. You can check the file sharing folder via iTunes and copy that folder to your desktop to get all the content of the .nbu file.

6. How to play my Nokia .3gp, .amr?

iNoki doesn’t build the .3gp or .amr player in. It’s designed to work with all your media players. Just tap on the media file, there’ll be a menu listing all the players installed. Select your favorite one and start to play.

If you want to do some conversion, just copy them to your Mac or pc via iTunes file sharing to open with your conversion tools.